Richard Painter Artist
AvengerUp Close and PersonalSunsetBlack BearSurvivorEternaCallistoMELEE!!!AscensionMorning Mare (Oriens)Fire DancerDetail of "Hombre"HombreDetail of RainmakerRainmakerDetail of "Shadows"ShadowsDetail of "Vigil"VigilDetail of "Ruff Buff"Ruff BuffFierce SpiritBurrowing OwlDetail of "Final View""Final View" installed at Jackson Hole Airport, May 2010From the DarknessFrom the Darkness--Detail 2From the Darkness--Detail 1SwanSleeperAutumn RoseWhitmanHarbingerHarbinger--Detail Grass 5Grass 2Becoming IIINebula IICoyote  Sally Dog
Works depicting the flora and fauna of the natural world. I have used images of animal and natural subjects in my work over the years to address environmental issues and as metaphors for both the fragility and tenacity of life. The more recent works depicting wildlife focus on the idea of re-empowering nature by putting the viewer in the position of being the prey. e.g. "Final View" and "From the Darkness".